Jovan Landry is a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist, whose mission is to demonstrate authentic stories of the world, herself and others through the arts.

Jovan Landry established her passion for the arts at 16 years old through personal video blogs, followed by tapping into musical production, film, and photography. Growing up timid, this path transformed her into a well-spoken and confident individual, giving her multiple avenues to share her experiences, and ultimately, realizing her impact. Because media is powerful, Jovan takes pride in her work that reflects a positive influence and accurate representation of her community and the cultures she contributes to.

She holds a B.A in Film & Video from Columbia College Chicago, and throughout the years worked with a number of musicians, artists, dancers, businesses, organizations, and fellow filmmakers. Musically, Jovan has a number of self-released projects, and her lyrical, articulate and high energy performances have landed her on a number of showcases and festivals across the country and overseas, both as a solo act and with her 4-piece backing band, 'The Land.' Through her work, she’s grateful to travel to Lagos, Nigeria (danceGATHERING 2018 & 2019), Berlin, Germany (WeWork Creator Awards), Haiti and New Orleans (Ozuzudances, Links Hall).

In May 2017, Jovan was awarded the Incubate Grant presented from WeWork Creator Awards in Detroit to create her 5th album "Synergy," an all-women produced and performed Hip-Hop Album. With its recent release on March 2019, The Synergy Collective has hosted it's first Hip-Hop Technique Workshop Series for young women, featured at WeWork Creator Awards Berlin, ABC7 Chicago's Windy City Live, The Fly Honey Show, and the Women in Hip-Hop Conference at St. Louis University.

Currently, Jovan works on side artist projects, a live instrumentalist & designer for Clara Lucille: In Crossing with Keyierra Collins, and in the process of creating her debut instrumental album.

(Photo Credit: Tropico Photo)