Upcoming shows and performances.

  • 09 / 28

    Project Tool at HP Jazz Festival

    Sweet Water Foundation Think-Do House, 5749 S Perry Ave, Chicago, IL 60621, USA 6:00pm - 7:00pm

    PROJECT TOOL is a dance and movement performance choreographed to enable the dancers to explore the relationship between mind, body, and tool—in part through the process of building their own dance floor as part of the performance. As the dancers investigate and engage to build a wood, sprung dance floor, they collaborate with tools as partners to the body. The actual, real-time making of the floor through sawing, hammering, sanding, and nailing has the effect of unearthing an improvisational landscape in which tasks, tools, and body all work together to form and inform the dance itself. As in jazz, the performance and the sound, in both composed and improvised scores, respond to one another in real-time. The sound, designed by Damon Locks, likewise engages tools—drum machines, sampler, synths, and effects—to bend sound, form sculpture, and effect time through the air.