"Can we talk about how proud I am of this woman?! My beautifully dope homie who is 1/3 photographer, videographer & emcee (& shooter of all my music vids) gave #FemFest a taste of realness tonight! Look at how much energy & command she has of the stage! This was my first opportunity to physically see her perform live & I was blown away! Congratulations to Jovan Landry for a job well done!" - B~Free

“Considering how young she is, I’ve always wondered what influenced her to adopt the classic Hip Hop sound she has…? I mean, she could’ve chosen any technique of current day artists. But the fact she picked the boom-bap bass & drum sound to mold her craft after shows what type of head she has on her shoulders." - Corey Hertz, Blogs by O.S Darko

“Jovan feels as though thinking about what you are putting into the universe musically and how that affects your audience, causes for your longevity." - Bogue Batho, Ear Hustle 411

"Jovan is one of the most talented and driven artist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Her energy and positivity are a constant inspiration to all who know her!" - FURY

"Super dope MC with meaningful lyrics and I love her professionalism! She has a very creative eye and her own unique style! I hope we can collaborate again soon!" - Simeon Frierson, Visual Manifesto

"She glows with talent. Got that aura lol. No but seriously. Down to earth, great to work with, positive, extremely professional, innovative, genius, I could go on. Just dope as hell. Too dope." - Marco Uno

"Jovan is definitely an awesome creative! She's easy to work with on set and in the editing suite. Her calm, yet calculated approach allowed for us to smoothly exchange creative ideas and build off of one another." - Kalyn Jacobs, 8027 Pictures

“I always get a kick out of experiencing people's talents beyond their primary skill. Thus it was a real treat to find out that Jovan made music too. Her camera work is phenomenal, so I had high hopes for her music. She did not disappoint. - Miracle, The Illixer

"Jovan Landry is a gem to work with! She is creative and detail-oriented. Always on top of her schedule and she takes great initiative to deliver unique and outside of the box ideas. Jovan's talents are versatile and she always brings a fresh perspective to the table!" - Miss Chiff