"My mission is to use my talents of film, music, and photography to create a positive message to inspire the viewer to create positive decision within their lives. I am also using my talents as a tool of self expression, where the viewer can understand my personal experiences. - Jovan Landry


A complex soul with the mystique of regality, Jovan Landry is the ultimate triple threat. Born in San Jose, California, but laying her head in Chicago, Illinois, this young upstart considers herself “1/3 filmmaker, 1/3 photographer, and 1/3 emcee.” As a 2014 graduate Columbia College Chicago, Landry has proven herself to become a campus force, snagging opportunities in and outside of the classroom. The proud creator several successful YouTube channels such as LeslieMoniqueTV and KnottyDreadTV, Landry is always looking for new ways to express herself, whether in front or behind the camera or on the mic. Possessing the desire to eventually combine her three passions into one huge entity, as of right now, Jovan hopes to be a voice for others and to be remembered as a colorful, creative and imaginative individual.  

- Written by Tyler K. McDermott