Synergy - Chicago Woman's Hip Hop Album

Synergy is Jovan Landry's 5th album that will be exclusively created by women in Chicago Hip-Hop. The purpose of this album is to show that in a male dominated industry, woman not only write their own raps, but engineer, produce, DJ, videograph, photograph and graphic design their own projects. The goal is to also defeat the stimga that women in rap cannot work together. In May 2017, Jovan was awarded the Incubate Grant from WeWork Creator Awards that will go towards compensating all of the artists involved, create a release show and eventually, take on a tour in select cities. Synergy is expected to drop late summer of 2018. Follow the process of Synergy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @SynergyChi

Featuring artists: Jovan Landry, Mother Nature, Freddie Old Soul, Syd Shaw, Lin-Z, Ell Virtuoso, Tee Spirit, Sauda Muse, Eshe and Paige Flowers.

Featuring Producers: Jovan Landry, Schenay Mosley, K.Flow & Qisum

Engineer: Jennifer "JinOnDemBoards" Tolliver