1. Interlude: Chicago Woman Hip-Hop [Prod. _Qisum]0:00Buy Now

  2. Synergy Cypher Pt. 1 (Jovan Landry, Glitter Moneyyy, Sauda Muse and Jade The Ivy) [Prod. Jovan Landry]0:00Buy Now

  3. Under Pressure (Jade The Ivy and Sauda Muse) [Prod. Jovan Landry]0:00Buy Now

  4. Interlude: [F]emcee [Prod. Qisum]0:00Buy Now

  5. My Girl (Jovan Landry and Sundé) [Prod. Schenay]0:00Buy Now

  6. Lose Control (Tee Spirit and Jovan Landry) [Prod. Jovan Landry]0:00Buy Now

  7. Interlude: No Woman = No Hip-Hop0:00Buy Now

  8. AF (Glitter Moneyyy) [Prod. Jovan Landry]0:00Buy Now

  9. A Woman's Werk (Tweak'G and JuJu MinXXX) [Prod. Jovan Landry]0:00Buy Now

  10. Synergy Cypher Pt. 2 (Jovan Landry, Sundé, Tee Spirit, JuJu MinXXX and Tweak'G) [Prod. K Flow]0:00Buy Now

  11. Interlude: Future is Female [Prod. _Qisum]0:00Buy Now

Synergy is the first all-woman produced, performed and engineered Hip-Hop album, created by Jovan Landry, with support of the WeWork Creator Award. 

Album Credits: Executive Producer - Jovan Landry. Written and Performed by Jovan Landry, Glitter Moneyyy, Sauda Muse, Jade The Ivy, Sunde, Tee Spirit, JuJu MinXXX and Tweak'G. Interviews featuring TeQuila "Unmuvabo" Shabazz, Lady Flipside, Lady Gemstar, Jaquanda Villegas, Jacinda Bullie, Tasleem Jamila, Ang13, Anyi Ahlation, and Amina Ayo. Produced by Jovan Landry, _Qisum, Schenay, K Flow. Vocals recorded by Jovan Landry at 1/3 Studios, Chicago. "AF" vocals recorded by Glitter Moneyyy in Chicago. Mixed and Mastered by Viibez at LSD Studios in Chicago. "Synergy Cypher Pt. 1" and "Synergy Cypher Pt. 2" mixed by Jovan Landry at 1/3 Studios. Album Art: Damaly Keo.

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