• D-Nick The Microphone Misfit, Hip-Hop Artist

    "A true student of the craft of Emceein', Never Rhyming over vocals, displaying solid breath control, powerful stage presence, & nutritious content. After DeeJayin' for her for a few years now, I have become proud of her Elevation & honored by her humbleness. Many artist have dope lyrics, dope showmanship, & personality but Jovan has all three. She is a complete emcee."
  • Drew Jones, Educator & Singer-Songwriter

    "Jovan came to my school and coached our rappers for two heritage celebrations. The impact she had on those adolescents will never be forgotten. She also included our students in one of her music videos, which helped give them something to look forward to during the school week. She's not just a rapper, MC, videographer, producer, photographer and social justice advocate, but she's also an amazing mentor and friend."
  • Jessica Estelle Huggins, Creative Producer

    "Jovan is one of the most talented individuals that I have ever worked with. Jovan is very careful about the projects that she takes on, as she wants to do the very best in her role(s). She is very intelligent, intuitive and resourceful. Jovan is by far is the best Editor that I have EVER worked with as she is very detailed and delivers her work before deadlines. I recently relocated and I still plan on working with Jovan as much as possible in this lifetime."
  • Kalyn Jacobs, Cinematographer & Photographer

    "Jovan is definitely an awesome creative! She's easy to work with on set and in the editing suite. Her calm, yet calculated approach allowed for us to smoothly exchange creative ideas and build off of one another."
  • Miss Chiff, Hip-Hop Artist

    "Jovan Landry is a gem to work with! She is creative and detail-oriented. Always on top of her schedule and she takes great initiative to deliver unique and outside of the box ideas. Jovan's talents are versatile and she always brings a fresh perspective to the table!"
  • Taylor Noelle, Diversion

    "Jovan exceeded my expectations when filming and editing my music video in harsh weather conditions. Her supreme level of professionalism is much appreciated and she delivers work in a timely and thorough fashion. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her and her team again and strongly recommend her to others!"
  • Leland Philpot, Hip-Hop Artist & Producer

    "Jovan's quality and character is sought after in the industry. From professionalism to product, you are assured of her passion concerning your work and that's why she will always be my go to cinematographer."
  • C.H.z, Hip-Hop Artist & Producer

    "Learning her sound was also a challenge. For the first time in forever, I was taught how to be accommodating! One size does not “fit all”, and Ms. Landry’s very picky about symphonic attributes, which is good! Plus, she’s humble, and I can’t stress it enough! If more artist had her attitude, we’d all collaborate for the right reasons, and there would be no reason for friction in the [Hip-Hop] game."
  • FURY, Hip-Hop Artist

    "Jovan is one of the most talented and driven artist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Her energy and positivity are a constant inspiration to all who know her!"